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Rodal Anti-Slip Solutions specialise in making your Internal and External hard floors non-slip where there could be a major safety issue. Rodal Installation Teams apply Anti Slip Treatments, PU Floor Sealers, Non Slip Paints, Industrial Non Slip Coatings & Anti Slip Bath Treatments. These have all been tried and tested to improve the safety of your floors. Rodal also provides on site assessment of Pedestrian Slip Potential using the HSE preferred Pendulum Slip Resistance Tester (BS 7976)

The average cost of a slip claim is £15,000 and costs employers over £500m per year, all can be prevented easily and quickly.
The Law: the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People should be able to move around safely.

Rodal can prevent these large slip claims and have helped clients from the NHS to Virgin Atlantic making their floors safe.

Rodal can treat & improve virtually any internal and external surface where there is a dangerous slip issue in both wet and dry conditions, including Vinyl, Wood, Stone & all tiles.

Pendulum Slip Tests,

Pendulum Slip TestingPendulum Slip Tests are the quickest & most accurate way of proving that your floor is safe & fit for purpose. On successful completion you will be provided with a Certificate of Conformity to prove due diligence. You can send us a sample to test or we can prove a onsite test for instant results, To book please click below.

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